The Wipeout Round –

The ideal last round of a pub quiz

 The Wipeout Round

You receive two sheets – sheet one is for you to print out one copy per team, sheet two contains the answers.

On sheet one, teams mark up to ten answers that they think are correct for that week’s questions.

e.g. Which of these 20 people were born in London?

They go for as many answers as they like, however they get one mark for each correct answer but any wrong and they are “Wiped Out” and receive 0 marks.

A great way to end the night.

Click here for your free example of a Wipeout Round – Born In London

 Your browser should immediately open MS Word for you to view and print the quiz. If not, right click on the link, save to your hard drive, then open MS Word. Now open the document you have just saved.

Each quiz costs £1 when instantly downloaded from our website or £3 when sent by post along with 15 answer sheet copies for your team

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