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A tricky free 50 general knowledge quiz

bullet Round 1

1) What in the medical world was first classified into the A.O.B. system in 1902?

2) Which peak overlooks the city of Cape Town?

3) Who was first to be voted out of the original British Big Brother house?

4) Which TV secret agent’s real name was Paul Metcalfe?

5) What nickname was given to the day when over £100 billion was wiped off the value of shares in the city of London?

6) In which British town did Michael Ryan run riot killing 14 people?

7) Which is the first animal listed in the Oxford English Dictionary?

8) What nationality is Jean Marc Bosman, famous for his ‘Bosman Ruling’ affecting football throughout Europe?

9) Which actor, who played Dr, Who collapsed and died at a Dr, Who convention?

10) In which country was England cricket captain Nasser Hussain born?

1) Blood.
2) Table Mountain.
3) Sada
4) Captain Scarlett
5) Black Monday
6) Hungerford.
7) Aardvark
8) Belgian
9) Patrick Troughton (Pronounced Trout-On)
10) India.

bullet Round 2

1) Which cartoonist created Andy Capp?

2) How many words were spoken in the Mel Brooks film Silent Movie?

3) What organs does Silicosis affect?

4) What nationality was the famous murderer Dr. Crippen?

5) Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?

6) What is the U.S. equivalent of the British music hall entertainment called?

7) Which is the highest mountain in England?

8) Which denomination bank note did the Bank of England introduce in 1752 and withdraw in 1945?

9) Which singer had a Number 1 hit in 1960 with Three Steps to Heaven?

10) What does the acronym SCUBA stand for?

1) Reg Smythe.
2) One
3) The Lungs.
4) American.
5) Anne Boleyn.
6) Vaudeville
7) Scafell Pike. (Pronounced Scar-Fell)
8) £1,000
9) Eddie Cochran.
10) Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

bullet Round 3

1) Who was the first professional footballer to be knighted?

2) What word is used in international radio communications to denote the letter ‘L’?

3) Spell this out ! CHRLCHN is either a famous TV, or film detective with all the vowels missing; name him

4) Which rock star has the nickname ‘Slowhand’?

5) In which county would you find the Blue John Mines?

6) Which Spanish football team play at the Nou Camp stadium?

7) By what name was the Scottish outlaw Robert McGregor better known?

8) Which of the following is the smallest paper size; A3, A4, or A5?

9) Who presents ITV’s arts show The South Bank Show?

10) Which Chelsea manager was sacked on 12 September 2000?

1) Stanley Matthews
2) Lima.
3) Charlie Chan
4) Eric Clapton.
5) Derbyshire.
6) Barcelona.
7) Rob Roy
8) A5.
9) Melvyn Bragg
10) Gianluca Vialli

bullet Round 4

1) Which British driver won the British Grand Prix in 1999?

2) Which scheme allows a person’s legal costs to be paid by public funds?

3) In children’s books written by the Duchess of York who or what is Budgie?

4) Which cricket ground is the headquarters of the MCC?

5) In which British county is Bishop Auckland?

6) What were Andy Pandy’s two friends called?

7) Which Hemisphere of the planet contains the most countries is it the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere?

8) Which Shakespeare play was the inspiration for the hit musical West Side Story?

9) In the New Testament who was beheaded by Herod at the request of Salome?

10) Which Swedish car manufacturer once admitted price fixing in Britain?

1) David Coulthard.
2) Legal Aid.
3) Helicopter.
4) Lords.
5) Durham.
6) Looby Lou & Teddy
7) Northern Hemisphere.
8) Romeo and Juliet.
9) John the Baptist.
10) Volvo.


bullet Round 5

1) What are the flat treeless plains of Argentina called?

2) In the nursery rhyme how many blackbirds were baked in a pie?

3) Which 1980s band comprised of George Michael and Andrew Ridgley backed by Pepsi and Shirley?

4) How many hearts does an earthworm have; is it 100,10, or none?

5) Who was Vice President when Ronald Reagan was President?

6) In which decade did Lester Piggott first win the Derby?

7) Whose first Top Ten hit record was 5,4,3,2,1?

8) Which English city has an annual Goose Fair?

9) Where would you hurt if you were kicked on the Tarsus?

10) What is Dorian’s surname in the TV comedy Birds of a Feather?

1) Pampas
2) 24
3) Wham.
4) 10.
5) George Bush.
6) 1950s.
7) Manfred Mann.
8) Nottingham
9) The Ankle
10) Green

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