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Free Blockbuster Quiz Round

  1. What ‘S.B.’ keeps up stockings?
  2. What ‘T.B.E.’ is the part of a tool or weapon that carries out the particular function?
  3. What ‘G.O.O.B.O.T.W.S.’ is to be in a peevish, irritated mood?
  4. What ‘T.T.C.M.’ did Tobe Hooper direct in 1974?
  5. What ‘C.B.’ is a French phrase meaning “a free hand”?
  6.  Where Have All The Bullets Gone was the title of the 1985 autobiography of which ‘S.M.’?
  7.  What “W.A.N.A.” are words attributed to Queen Victoria, spoken when confronted with something she found to be undignified or improper?
  8.  What ‘I.T.P.’ is to be fully informed?
  9.  What ‘E.D.’ was a fabled land of gold?
  10.  What ‘C.I.N.’ is a regular telethon?


  1. Suspender Belt
  2. The Business End
  3. “Get Out Of Bed On The Wrong Side”
  4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  5. Carte Blanche
  6. Spike Milligan
  7. “We Are Not Amused”
  8. In The Picture
  9. El Dorado
  10. Children In Need

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