Try Before You Buy

We know trying new things can be risky – that’s why we offer free versions of many of our quiz formats for people to try before they dive in! If you’re fancying a change – or just testing out if pub quizzes are for you – why not take a look at the great varieties we have on offer.

The Bumper Quiz

10 rounds of 10 questions plus a bonus picture round! A perfect full evening’s entertainment for those slow work-week nights. Click on the image below to download!Bumper Quiz Answer Sheet

The Picture Quiz

We offer a huge range of picture quizzes on almost any subject at Instant Quizzes and if you can’t find something you like in there, there’s always our Pic ‘n’ Mix rounds – try one for free with your regular quiz to see how it goes down. Click on the image below to download!

Free Picture Quiz

The Bingo Quiz

Looking for a slightly different format for your next quiz, why not test run one of our Bingo Quizzes? Quiz teams fill in the answers to 36 questions on a grid at random. The answers are then read out in a pre-determined random order. The first team to get a line of correct answers is the winner! Click on the image below to download!

Bingo Quiz

None of these float your boat or tickle your onion? We’ve got plenty more to explore. All our free pub quizzes can be seen here: Instant Quizzes’ Free Quizzes or scroll down to the menu below to see our selection of free quizzes.