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n our battle of the sexes quizzes we offer 30 questions ranging from funny to intimate to ask each couple, split in to 2 sets of 5 questions per round. Ideal for a Valentine’s Quiz or for social gatherings, these quizzes are guaranteed to entertain!

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Questions in the battle of the sexes quiz are as follows;

For Her 

1. How many times a week does your partner empty the dishwasher?

A. Once

B. 2 – 5 Times

C. Every Day

D. Never!!!

2. Who from the following list of women would your partner take on a date?

A. Catherine Zeta Jones

B. Cameron Diaz

C. Katy Price

D. Fearne Cotton


3. What is your partner’s favourite choice of curry?



4. How does your partner like his coffee?

A. Black

B. Cappuccino

C. Latte

D. White

5. Who slices the turkey at Christmas?



For Him


1. Has your partner ever been to a palm reader?




2. What is your partner’s preferred sleeping position?

A. On Her Side

B. On Her Back

C. On Her Front

D. Doesn’t Have One


3. What type of shoes has your partner got the most of?

A. Boots

B. Sandals

C. High Heeled Shoes

D. Trainers

4. Name her favourite animal?


5. How would your partner keep her hair dry in wet weather?

A. Wear A Hat

B. Put Her Hood Up

C. Umbrella

D. Leave It To Get Wet


For Her

1. Name your partner’s favourite gadget?



2. How often does your partner kiss you?

A. All of the Time

B. Most Days

C. On Special Occasions

D. Not Very Often

3. If your partner were to be reincarnated, what would he return as?

A. A Dog

B. A Woman

C. A Different Man

D. Something Else

4. Name your partner’s favourite car?





5. Which of the following horror movies would your partner choose to watch?

A. Saw

B. The Exorcist

C. Silence of the Lambs

D. The Omen

For Him


1. How often does your partner visit the hairdressers? 


A. Every Month

B. Every Six Weeks

C. Every Six Months

D. Something Else

2. What is your partner’s preferred choice of exercise?

A. The Gym

B. Aerobics

C. Running

D. Bedroom Sport!!


3. Name your partner’s favourite comedian or comedienne?



4. Which of the following herbs would you say she used the most in cooking?


A. Basil

B. Parsley

C. Sage

D. She Doesn’t Use Herbs

5. Name your partner’s first pet.



For Her


1. If forced!!!  Which one of your friends would your partner go on a date with?


2. What is your partner’s favourite topic of conversation?

A. Football

B. Holidays

C. Sex

D. Work

3. If your partner could pick any sport to take part in, what would he pick?



4. Which of the following characters does your partner most remind you of?


A. Del Boy Trotter

B. Phil Mitchell

C. Victor Meldrew

D. Robin Williams


5. If he could choose, what era would he like to have grown up in?


A. The 1960s

B. The 1920s

C. The 1940s

D. The 1890s

For Him


1. What is your partner most proud of?



2. If your partner spilt something on her clothes in a restaurant, what would she do?

A. Cover It Up

B. Wet The Mark Before It Stained

C. Leave It Until She Got Home

D. Rub It With A Handkerchief


3. Name your partner’s favourite type of soup?



4. Who out of the following would your partner find the most attractive?


A. Robbie Williams

B. Peter Andre

C. Rod Stewart

D. Sting

5. What does your partner prefer to wear in the bedroom?


A. A Nightdress

B. Pyjamas

C. A French Maid’s Outfit!!

D. Her Birthday Suit!!