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  1. Why are you called Instant Quizzes… ?
  2. Where can I find … ?
  3. Why don’t you … ?

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Why are you called Instant Quizzes?

The most frequently asked question – and a fair one is why we have the name we do when we don’t give quizzes away for free, we sell them….

Firstly we say to the moaners – click here for free quiz games

Secondly – our name is Instant Quizzes NOT Free Quizzes – if our quizzes were free, our company name wouldn’t be Instant Quizzes Ltd. it would be Free Quizzes Ltd – but then there wouldn’t be much point in setting up a limited company if we gave everything away.

Quite simply – Alan Free set up the site and associated Limited Company in 1998 and it has evolved to the huge site it is today. He couldn’t help his name!

And there you have it….

We’re stuck with Instant Quizzes – we sell over 2million quiz questions each year and to change the name destroys the brand we’ve built up over the past few years. We wish we had a better name with a jazzy logo but c’est la vie.

On each of our sites, you will find free samples – hopefully these will tempt you into buying more quiz questions from us…if you were looking for something for nothing – hard luck if these aren’t enough – You have to pay for quality!

Obviously, you have a lot of time on your hands as this issue has vexed you… but think of this;

bullet You can’t get a decent Chicken Vindaloo at Currys
bullet Try starting with a double at Dominos
bullet Coca Cola no longer contains Cocaine
bullet You can’t buy shoes at Boots
bullet You can’t buy fruit at Orange
bullet Just look at the staff at Virgin…..

And besides, if all our questions were ‘Free’

bullet How are we meant to pay for the design, bandwidth etc. for this website?
bullet How do we pay the people who write the questions?
bullet How do we pay the wages of the people who have to sit and type answers to the witless question – “Why are you called Instant Quizzes?”


In short – use the time that you spend moaning at us and try and write a good quiz – if you can do it cheaper than us, your quiz is accurate and entertaining and all in a reasonable timescale – well done!


Where can I find … ?

A weekly pub quiz

A complete quiz pack

General Knowledge Quiz questions

Pop Music Quiz questions

Sport Quiz questions

Quiz questions suitable for families

Sets of quiz questions split into subjects

picture quizzes and Table rounds (Anagrams, Cryptic clues etc.)

picture quizzesQuiz Bingo, A Family Fortunes style quiz, A Lottery based quiz, A multiple choice quiz like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Quiz answer sheets

Football scratch cards for charity fundraising

Quiz question databases for quiz games, WAP games, SWP machines etc.Banner_picturequiz_468X60

Why don’t you … ?

Let us have your quizzes for free? – Because this is our livelihood in the same way that pubs sell beer, we sell quizzes

Let us have quizzes on approval – Because the majority don’t pay if we do – check out the free samples and if you like the quizzes, then buy them! In the same way, pubs don’t let you try out 6 different types of beer before you finally settle and pay for the one you want although they may let you have a small, free taste!

Allow payment on invoice – Because this adds to our administration costs and in over 80% of past cases, customers paying on invoice don’t!

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