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Quiz Packs, Picture Quizzes and Quiz Rounds

31st of October is All Hallows Eve!

Whatever the quiz you’d like to host for Halloween this year, we’ve got the format to suit you! See each quiz type below, or click to see all our Halloween Quizzes!

Halloween Smell Quizzes

For a limited time only, grab our Halloween Trick or Treat Smell Quiz! Featuring, a mix of 10 nice and nasty scents:

  • Apple
  • Chocolate
  • Fish
  • Fresh Grass
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Rose
  • Manure
  • Strawberry
  • Vomit

It’s the perfect addition to any Halloween Party or Quiz Night!

Halloween Quiz Packs

Make your quizzing easy! Grab a ready-made downloadable and printable Halloween quiz pack or bumper quiz with Samhain-themed subject rounds, plus a Halloween-themed picture quiz and save up to 15%!

All packs come with everything you need to run a pub quiz, including scoresheets and team answers sheets – all you need to do is print!

Not got a printer? No worries! We also do our quizzes by first class post: just follow the link to our Postal Quiz section! Just remember to include the SKU code of the quiz pack you want in the comment box when you order!

Halloween Picture Quizzes

We’ve got an amazing range of Halloween Picture Quiz to keep your quizzers entertained and challenged! Check out the range below:

  • Halloween Pic ‘n’ Mix – A mixed bag of Halloween-themed images
  • Celebrity Vampires – Guess who’s wearing the fangs!
  • Celebrity Evil Clowns – Peer beneath the make-up to identify these stars!
  • Horror Movies – Stills from famous horror flicks to identify
  • Celebrity Fancy Dress – who’s wearing these Halloween costumes?

All our Halloween Picture Rounds are instant downloads and can be bought as a classic set of 20 at just £3 each!

Halloween Mini Picture Quizzes

All the same fun rounds but just half the questions –  perfect for a quick interval round!

Halloween Handout Quizzes

Not got the time to host a full quiz, then why not try one of our Halloween ‘table’ quizzes:

  • Traditional Handouts – a mixed bag of rounds, including trivia questions, pictures rounds and a ‘our survey said…’ round.
  • Halloween Puzzle Quiz – From guess the song to Halloween anagrams!
  • Halloween List Quiz – Six questions, 20 answers! For example, can you name all four Halliwell sisters from the show Charmed?
  • Halloween Wordsearch – perfect for kids or just casual fun
  • Halloween Movie Anagrams – Unscramble to letters to identify these famous horror films!

Designed so that teams can complete them at the leisure, with no need for questions to called out one by one. The answers can even be handed out to each team to mark their own if you’d like!

All our Halloween Handout Quizzes are priced at just £3 and can be downloaded instantly from our website.

Halloween Multiple Choice Quiz

25 questions perfect for an easier Halloween quiz or spooky game of Who Wants to Be a Halloween Millionaire! The quiz master reads out the question and possible answers. The teams must then must choose an answer on both their answer and copy sheet. In the event of a tie, there is a tiebreaker question included in every pack!

Halloween Quiz Rounds

10 questions for £1, our Halloween Subject Rounds can be added to your regular quiz to make a homage to the big tournament, so click on the link above to see the full collection!

Other Upcoming Seasonal Quizzes

Bonfire Night Quizzes – 5th November

Thanksgiving Day Quizzes – 28th November

St Andrew’s Day Quizzes – 30th November

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Quiz Night - £4

Quiz Night

Our most challenging weekly quiz pack – only £4!
6 rounds, including a ‘Connections’ or ‘Quick-fire’ round, a current affairs round and a ‘Wipeout’ to finish!

Bumper Quiz £8.50

Bumper Quiz

Our biggest quiz packs for just £8.50 each!
A 10-round pub quiz, including a variety of question rounds such as ‘Connections’ and ‘Wipeout’ with a bonus 20-picture interval round.

Quiz Pack example £5.50

Quiz Packs

A pub quiz classic for £5.50
5 rounds of ten questions with a selection of quiz styles, including a ‘Wipeout’ round,  and a bonus 10-picture quiz

Picture Quizzes - Classic £3 or Mini £1.50

Picture Quizzes

All fully copyright cleared!
20-picture quiz rounds – £3 per quiz
10-picture quiz rounds – £1.50 per quiz 


Handout Quizzes

No-quizmaster-required quizzes – £3 per quiz
Choose from puzzle quizzes, list quizzes, anagram quizzes and many more!


Trivia Quiz Rounds

£1 per quiz
Sets of 10 trivia quiz questions on a huge selection of subjects, from anthropology to mythology to zoology!


Mixed Bag Quizzes

50 questions for £3!
Test everyone’s general knowledge in this quiz, with a variety of questions on all sorts of topics.


Current Affairs Quizzes

£1 for 10 questions
Keep your quiz up-to-date with these current affairs quizzes, brand new every week!


On This Day Quizzes

£1 per quiz
Guess what 10 things happened on this day in history based on the clues in the questions!


Who Am I Quizzes

£1 per quiz
Name the mystery person within 10 clues


Connections Quizzes

£1 per quiz
Spot the connection between 9 answers


Wipeout Quizzes

Ideal last round of a pub quiz for £1 per quiz
It’s a two page handout quiz with 20 answers on it – teams have to identify up to 10 correct answers on the sheet – any wrong and they are wiped out!


Battle of the Sexes Quiz 

£3.50 per quiz
A Mr and Mrs TV show style quiz pack


Pop Music Quiz Packs

£3.50 per quiz
50 mixed pop music quiz questions


Sport Quiz Packs

£3.50 per quiz
50 mixed sport quiz questions


Family Quizzes

£3.50 per quiz
Packs of 50 easier quiz questions for family or pub quizzes


Bingo Quiz Packs 

£3.50 per quiz
Bingo: the fun quiz night where anyone can win


Quiz Fortunes

£3.50 per quiz
Our Family Fortunes style quiz where Our Survey Said…


Multiple Choice Pub Quiz

£3.50 per quiz
Our Who Wants To Be A Millionaire style quiz pack


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